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Finding a Horse


How to find the right horse for you

Finding the right horse can be quite a challenge. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who is selling their horse, it can mean dashing around the country, only to find a horse which is not quite what you expected.

Here at Tunstall we understand that its a difficult and expensive decision to buy a horse so we like to make it as easy as possible for you.

Over the years, Stacey has found horses to match the requirements of many new owners: some first time horse owners, some experienced. If you are looking for a horse, especially a competition horse, whether for riding club level or higher, Stacey can help.

She has excellent contacts with a number of reliable producers of horses in Ireland and can accompany you on a viewing trip to help with assessing the suitability of the horses.

Stacey also has valuable experience of working with new owners as they and their horses settle into life at Tunstall Forest Livery (though of course she can help find a horse for someone who wants to keep their horse at home or at another livery yard. Our aim is to match horse and rider, also to help create a bond that will last for years, whether it be in the competition ring or out enjoying the countryside!

If you are thinking of buying a horse, why not contact Stacey to discuss your requirements and meet some of the successful horse and owner combinations she has been responsible for.