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I had ridden at many yards before i found Tunstall Forest Livery and after several hacks through the forest, i immediately felt at home.

The riding out and schooling are unbeatable, the horses are all of the highest standard are always perfectly turned out. The staff really do make it complete, with the help of Stacey's team my confidence and enjoyment has grown with my experience.

I am so grateful to have Stacey's help in finding Percy, my wonderful horse. She has unlocked both our potential and her support and knowledge has been invaluable. Stacey has a true understanding of horses and the needs of riders which is reflected in the calm and happy atmosphere at the yard.

There is a real community at the yard where owners, staff and visitors get on famously. I cannot recommend Tunstall Forest Livery highly enough.

Abi Hopkins


I had struggled to find a horse for myself, which ticked all the boxes. I wanted a calm sensible temperament, combined with a good quality looking horse, which could turn its hand to some hunting, occasional dressage but mostly hacking out with young kids on ponies being careful, but with enough in him to let me enjoy faster hacking with friends. After looking and trying many horses on my own, I asked Stacey how I should move forward. She set up an amazing trip over to Ireland within a few weeks. We went over together and with her contacts there, she had set up lots of horses for me to try all over Tipperary. It was an amazing experience with great Irish hospitality thrown in, but the main thing was we found me a horse – Clyde.

My horse is all I hoped for, right type, great temperament, right age and experienced in all I needed him to do – name a bit dodgy but I’m starting to get used to it! I cannot imagine another horse that would have suited me so well. She then helped me organise getting him home and advised me on how we should start our new friendship together, so he would settle quickly. 6 months on, both me and Clyde, could not be happier.

Stacey and her team, have also been great for helping me develop my skills and confidence. My horses and ponies always go to her yard for livery if needed. Having had horses and ponies at livery there for short stays and for long periods of time, I am totally confident that they all receive the best care and attention that any horse could wish for, with people around them who have a genuine love for horses. And for me as an owner, the yard environment is perfect. All the people there are so friendly, always willing to help and make everyone feel part of the family. I could not endorse Stacey, her team and her yard highly enough. Thank you Stacey!

Bee Kemball


We arrived at Tunstall Forest Livery with our young Connemara gelding in June of this year, on the recommendation of a friend. Earl did not have the best start in life, and had developed several problems which culminated in us being advised to sell him, as he was unsuitable for my daughter to ride. We had planned to stay just long enough for Stacey and her team to help with his problems, which would enable my duaghter to ride him safely.

Stacey arranged for Rachel to work with Earl, and she has transformed him into the perfect pony for Katie. From the moment we arrived we have been treated as part of the family, nothing is too much trouble, and Earl is so happy here we never quite managed to leave.

Earl now travels to shows with Stacey and her team in order to continue with his training (ridden by Rachel, who has a special bond with him). It is so nice to see Stacey at these events, when she is so busy, taking the time to explain different aspects of Eventing to Katie, who even holds the event horses while they wait to be ridden.

Tunstall Forest Livery is a special place, and we are very lucky to be a part of it.

Sue & Katie Dixon



We bought Bailey from Stacey back in 2003, when he was a 4 year old. We went through the Pony Club levels together – from competing in the Pony Club Novice championships in 2004, to the Open championships in 2007, where we gained team 2nd in the show jumping.

We competed at numerous riding club and school national championships before I started university in 2007, and since then we have consistently competed at BE Novice level. My younger sister, Alice, took over the reins in 2010 – winning the Pony Club Area Intermediate show jumping in one of their first competitions together. Bailey took Alice around her first BE Novice this summer, gaining a double clear! They competed at Open Pony Club level this summer. Bailey is a true superstar. Even mum has started to take him cross country!

Emily Verral


Having only recently moved to Tunstall Forest Livery, I have been made to feel very welcome. There is a nice, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, all staff and fellow liveries are really sociable and are happy to help in any way. My horses settled into their new home much quicker than I had ever imagined thanks to the relaxed, but organised routine. The stables are only a 5 minute walk from the vast and adjoining forestry of Tunstall, Blaxhall and Iken makes it the perfect place for hacking and the facilities for schooling make it easy to exercise my horses over the dark winter evenings.

Faye Griffith


Stacey found me the perfect horse (for me) seven years ago and, since that point, has provided me with invaluable and expert assistance both in terms of horse care and teaching.

Sarah Gregory


In June I bought Charlie a 4 year old Piebald Cob, at first all went well but at the end of July he started to Bronc me off when I mounted him, this rather unnerved me so I decided I needed help. Stacey at Tunstall Livery was highly recommended, so I made contact and Stacey couldn't have been more helpful. So Charlie went to the yard and Cara Gianni started to work with him, I don't think it was all plain sailing, but she soon had him working well. As I live close to the yard I was able and encouraged to watch him work and maintain my contact with him.

When Cara felt he was ready she supported me to get back on him and we worked together. When he came home Cara came to ensure he was safe and happy to be mounted at home. I continue to go back for lessons. I can't thank Stacey and her team enough for the work they have done and the support they have given me and continue to give. It is not all plain sailing with Charlie, but I know if I need any help and support I only have to ask. I can only say that Stacey's care and attention to detail with the horses is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend her yard to anyone that had problems with their horses.

Jane Girling


Having lost my confidence, the team at Tunstall Forest Livery, especially Jenny, helped to build that confidence - I'm back enjoying my riding. My horse is so very happy here.

Caroline Meffan



I bought Will from Stacey back in 2006 and have continued to have regular training with her. We have had 4 amazing years with him. The gorgeous boy has competed in school and Pony Club teams including the 2010 Intermediate Pony Club Eventing Championships. He also qualfied 3 times for the National SchoolsFfinals and has been placed numerous times BE 90/100 producing many consistant double clears. He is such a lovely horse to handle and be around - Even my mum enjoys riding him!


Issy Sykes


We have kept a horse at TFL for 9 years and have always been please with the standard of care and individual attention our horses have received. The staff are very helpful, friendly and willing to give useful advice on horse care and training.

Catriona Willie MRCVS and Ellie Willie


I am always amazed at Stacey's energy and commitment. Stacey has helped me not only in my riding, but in bringing on my young green horse. I had every confidence that Stacey would be able to produce him for me and she has not disappointed.

Amanda Parker


Stacey and her team give totally tailored and flexible support at all times. I am confident that my horse is looked after consistently high standard by friendly and helpful staff. There's a great atmosphere on the yard and the hacking is spectacular - both Mattie and I are extremely happy here.

Josephine Jenkins


I came to Tunstall Forest Livery in 2005 on the recommendation of a colleague to learn to ride, so I would be more competent on riding trips in the Pyrenees. Stacey and her team taught me to ride in the school and the forest, so I am now preparing for my stage 2. In 2006, we went to Ireland and found a horse for me, Irish Draught x Holstein called Bobby's Lad. He was laid back and for a retired GP they thought he would 'do for Ian'. He has turned out to be the loveliest of horses and with care and perseverance is now going for his first CCI* event having done well in all his Novice tests. It is a tribute to the yard that he can be an event horse with Stacey one day and hack out safely with me in the amazing forest the next day.

The stables are old barns, not modern units and have an atmosphere of calm, with alert contented horses who are all friends chomping their hay and watching what is going on. They are cared for immaculately and the owners too are treated with respect and consideration, coffee included. I will come down and muck in and muck out at will and appreciate the cheerfulness, goodwill and hardwork, which is the essence of a really good yard.

Dr Ian Battye


We moved our horses to TFL in 2003, recognising it as a professional, friendly, calm and supportive and that description remains spot on. The horses are excellently cared for in sickness/lameness and in health. Stacey and her staff are very professional and make sure that the horses are suitably exercised for stress-free weekend riding after a busy week at work. Hacking is second to none and Cara and Jenny are masters at giving lessons which are both fun and instructive.

Martin and Eve Rossor


Having known Stacey for many years, I moved to TFL some 8 years ago, shortly after she moved her yard to Tunstall. I knew the horse care would be superb, allowing me to concentrate on work during the week, ready to ride at the weekend. My horse has now retired and is 'granny' to youngstock at TFL, teaching them a little discipline and how to deal with new things such as fireworks on Bonfire night. I now have a new horse at TFL and Stacey's team, especially Nick, are helping me with the difficult (after having the same horse for over 20 years) phase of getting to know and trust each other. Hacking in Tunstall Forest is wonderful: every day is different, so whether you want to just plod around or whizz a bit, it is always special. And of course in the summer months, there is the option of riding to the pubs in Shottisham and Ramsholt (only about an hour and a half away, with minimal roadwork), with the horses being collected by Stacey whilst the riders settle in the pub!

Sue Nicholson


Having been a professional myself, running a yard, breaking and schooling young horses, competing, teaching and training, it was a tough decision to make in sending my own young horse away for schooling.. We had bought him from a yard which imports from Holland, brings them on quickly and sells "ready to go". Kano unfortunately hadn't coped with the pressure and y daughter and I didn't have the time he needed to settle and build trust in his rider. It would have been very unfair on this lovely young horse to sell him on again without giving him a chance.

I'd seen Stacey ride on a number of occasions and was aware of her reputation in bringing on sometimes challenging young horses. As a bonus, I only live 5 mins from the yard. This meant I could keep a level of involvement with his progress. From the moment we dropped him off, we were made to feel very welcome. Settling him was handed competently and professionally, information recorded, all the right questions asked and his enormous stable was deeply bedded and clean.

Stacey has kept me informed of his progress every step of the way. I was able to watch a lot of his sessions and discuss how he was going and the proceeding stages. I wanted him to have an all round grounding, to include learning to jump and hack out in his basic education. He is now working with confidence and I ride him myself whenever I can. Stacey gives me appropriate pointers and continues to expand his repertoire of experience by taking him out of schooling or training sessions, and he has done well with his first forays into the dressage arena. My strong opinions on feeding have been indulged - each horse has its own diet plan - and I have no qualms about expressing opinions on what Kano does next and what he can cope with.

I have felt from day one that all the staff, students, Stacey and her family really take a genuine interest in my horse and me and that I am not alone with this. Other owners I have met feel the same way. It is a friendly, well-run, very professional yard with extremely high standards of care and management. Kano has come massively in a relatively short space of time without being rushed and as a result, I am now planning to get back into competitive dressage with him. After having retired from competing about 20 years ago, this is a step I never expected to take. Big thank to Stacey and the team - this is much more fun than retirement!

Fliss Gillot