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Meet the Team


Tunstall Forest LiveryTunstall Forest Livery has an extremely dedicated and experienced team ...








Kirsten Keen

Kirsten KeenKirsten has been with us since 2011 and is the proud owner of her horse Gizmo. She is a big asset to the care of the horses behind the scenes, treating them all as if they were her own. She has her NVQ level 3. A dedicated young lady who is always happy to help anyone.







Trudy Shimmons

Trudy is Stacey's mum and is a great support to us all. All of the horses love her as she is the hand that feeds them! Liveries turning up after mucking out time rely on Trudy as she is always ready to put the kettle on for a cuppa and a chat.


Hannah Woods

Hannah is our adminstrator and has been based here since 2003. She tries to keep us organised with regards to invoices, entries and general office duties. Hannah purchased a young horse from the yard in January 2007 and the partnership evented throughout several seasons.


Elleanah "Bean" Howson

Elleanah HowsonBean started at Tunstall voluntarily in 2014 while still at school and joined the team as a full time student in 2016. She is a hard working, fun young lady who's riding is coming along very well. She has now completed her NVQ level 3.









HelenHelen joined the team in 2017, she has since completed her NVQ level 3 and is looking to gain more qualifications. She is organised, professional and dedicated to all aspects of work and specialises in producing event and young horses.








RosieRosie started volunteering on the yard in 2019 at weekends and has now begun her NVQ level 2. She is caring, hard-working and keen to progress with her riding.








Michael Shimmons

Michael Shimmons











Dentist - Rachel Burton
Farrier - Craig Harrison
Physio - Animals in Motion