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Livery Facilities

Here at Tunstall we pride ourselves on being a truly friendly yard with a strict daily routine. This means that our horses quickly adapt and relax into their peaceful surroundings. Our stables are spacious and comfortable having been constructed or refurbished to the highest standards. We offer the highest level of care and attention to detail to ensure that our livery horses are kept comfortable and in peak condition.

Tunstall Forest LiveryTunstall Forest Livery

Our grazing land is well managed and despite being in a low rainfall area we produce good grass. The light land here in Suffolk means that we have all year round turnout. All barbed wire has been removed and replaced with Turbo-rope. Every paddock has mains water piped to poly tanks.

Tunstall Forest Livery

Types of Livery

Full Livery

  • Designated stable
  • All year round turnout (may be reduced in winter months) - use of the horse-walker if field is unavailable
  • Basic essential care of the horse, all feed and bedding provided.
  • Unlimited straw bedding
  • Ad lib hay
  • Hard feed diet tailored to your horse’s individual requirements
  • All mucking out, turning in & out, rug changes
  • Feet picked out daily, mud washed off where appropriate.
  • Horses brought out for Vet / Farrier


Elite Full Livery

(Ideal for those who like to visit and ride thier horses at the weekends)

  • As Full Livery plus:
  • Weekly tack clean
  • Groom / Clean up as needed
  • Plaiting/ Bathing if required for events
  • Trimming (clipping not included)
  • Schooling/exercise as required (5 days per week, tailored to the individual)
  • Use of cyclossage
  • Holding for other professionals


Elite Eventing Livery

Stacey's interest is to produce horses of all levels to their highest capabilities and to do this she realises that dedication to the horse's training is essential. She is keen to keep the cost of eventing as low as possible for her clients.

  • As Elite Full Livery plus
  • Training programme designed by Stacey to suit the individual horses requirements
  • Use of cyclossage and solarium as needed
  • Rider for agreed shows/events
  • (entries/ Transport/ Overnight stabling or any other event costs not included)


Full Intensive Schooling/ Breaking Livery

We specialise in kind, compassionate training of young horses in our fabulous forest surroundings. They are educated in a calm yard which is full of activity, and see plenty of large farm machinery, which is ideal for familiarising them to traffic. We find that our professional methods produce willing horses so that although we do not hurry them, the job is done efficiently.

  • As Full Livery plus:
  • Use of TFL breaking tack if required
  • Groom / Clean up as needed
  • Training / Exercise (tailored to individual horse’s requirements) - this could be up to 2 sessions a day)


Full Sales Livery

If you need a horse sold but do not have the time or rider for it then this is ideal for you.

  • As Elite Livery plus
  • Training programme designed by Stacey to suit the individual
  • Rider for agreed shows/ Events if required
  • Preparation and rider for viewings
  • (Entries/Transport/ overnight Stabling costs not included)


Schooling/Training Livery

We can school or re-school your horse and help you with problems which may have developed. Short or longer stay. Price: by individual negotiation according to your and your horse's needs.